Keeping in Touch

I have changed a few things in the last 6-8 weeks that I wanted to keep you all informed about.

1.  I have sold all of my Olympus gear and purchased three Leica cameras: X1, X2 and M8.

2.  I have redesigned my website to reflect this.  All the pics I have posted on the site are from my Leica cameras.

3.  My Twitter page now reflects my emphasis on street photography.

4.  My Flickr page is now featuring my Leica pics.

5.  I have also, in the last month, changed the emphasis of this blog to street photography.  I am glad you are visiting and hope you will tell others about it.

6. Finally, I now have a new Facebook page devoted exclusively to street photography-

As a side note- Olympus makes great cameras.  I felt that my new, to me, Leica cameras would work better for my current emphasis- street photography.

I can always use more followers on Twitter so if you would choose to join that would be great!

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