Shooting with Film- Part 1

Here I sit waiting for my first film camera in decades. I have the film, ISO 400 and I have the battery for the camera but the camera itself is arriving a day or two late.

If I go back in time 50 years I can still remember my first film camera- a Kodak Brownie Starflash. My Dad bought it for me at a gift shop in the Grand Canyon in April 1963. My love for photography began that day.

Fast forward to the mid-seventies when I purchased a Canon Rebel shortly after getting married. That was a fun camera that I used primarily for nature photos.

Three and a half years ago I purchased my first digital camera, a Nikon D5000 and I have been taking pics ever since. I have bought a sold cameras and equipment and am currently using mostly Leica cameras- all digital.

All of this to say along the way I kept hearing about people still shooting film and that it was the ultimate challenge. I wondered how they were getting their pics on the web so I investigated and found that film can be scanned and converted to digital. Why do that when a person can just shoot digital? That is the big question. Is there a different or better look to film that is scanned to a digital file? Well, hopefully in the next few weeks I will find out.

Until then I wait. Hopefully my $50 Yashica film camera purchased on Ebay will arrive and I can begin my next phase in this adventure of photography. Stay tuned!

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