Shooting with Film- Part 2

An hour  after I posted yesterday’s blog my film camera arrived.  It is a Yashica Electro 35 GSN.  With shipping it cost me $50, on Ebay, which I think is a bargain.  If I like the process of shooting with and processing film I will purchase a Leica, probably an M6.  I wanted to begin with an inexpensive camera first to see how the process goes and to see if I like it.

I took the camera and ISO 400 film to downtown Leesburg and worked my way through the 36 exposures.  My main goal for this first roll is to get it scanned so I can download the files into LR5.  I want to see what kind of latitude I have with them when processing and I want to see how they look compared to files out of my digital Leicas.

I quickly took the roll to Costco but found out they only process C41 B&W film.  This is a new process that many labs are using but my film uses the old way of processing.  I ended up mailing it to The Darkroom in California.  Through them it will cost $15 for processing, a CD and shipping.  I think that is reasonable.

I will update you as soon as I receive the negatives and CD back.  Meanwhile I am still checking out Ebay for Leica M6’s.

There will be a part 3- I promise. 🙂

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