Shooting with Film- Part 5

As promised I have taken some time today during my lunch hour to shoot a roll of the Ilford XP2 B&W film.  I have had it processed at Costco and put on a CD and am looking at the results on my computer.

I also have the digital file I took with my Leica M8 which is a B&W jpeg out of camera and I have the pic I took last week with the Arista Premium that I had to send to The Darkroom in California.

Before we look at the results it will definitely help you to read Shooting with Film- Parts 1-4 to get a background on this series, if you haven’t already.

None of these pics have had any processing done to them in LR5.  Now for the results:

First is the Leica M8 digital file.

M8- Digital

Second is the Arista Premium.

Arista Premium,Third is the Ilford XP2.

Ilford C41

I was comparing the pics on my computer when my youngest daughter, who is an adult, came by the house.  I asked her to look at all three, noticing the shadows and details etc.  Then I asked which one she liked best.

She picked the middle one hands down.  Of course it is the more expensive of the two film types to process but the film is much cheaper.  I buy it here- Freestyle Photographic Supplies.

I have to say I feel the same way.  The Arista 400 wins hands down.  Take some time to look at the walls, bricks and sidewalk and you will probably agree.  It is richer and more detailed and I haven’t done any processing on it!

Please vote in the poll below to let me know your opinion.

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