Leica X Vario Updates- My First List

I wrote earlier that I was going to do an Addendum to my X Vario review so here is the first one.  More may follow as I continue to use my Leica X Vario.  One thing I haven’t used yet is the video part of it.  As I do I will be writing an addendum to share my thoughts about its video capabilities.

After a month of using it I can honest say I really like this camera.  The reactions to the pictures I have taken with it have been incredible.  It does produce some great files that include the “Leica look.”

But, like anything else, it is not perfect. I would like to touch on three things that in my mind need to be changed right away, hopefully with a firmware update.

First is the Auto ISO.  The options for the ISO settings are fine but the options for the shutter speed are too limited: 1/8, 1/15, and 1/30th of a second.  I would at least like to see 1/60th sec added.

Second is the Auto LCD off.  This one is really irritating.  As of now it can be set to 30 seconds or one minute.  That means if you are walking around looking for a shot and don’t take a pic within 60 seconds, which mine is set on, then the LCD or EVF are blank.  This is too short of a time and needs to be expanded to at least five minutes.  I don’t “run and gun” anymore.  I take time to think about, compose and take a shot and many times there is more than 60 seconds between frames.  Leica, please change this!

Third is the silver pad on the back.  I mentioned this in my initial review of the X Vario and it is still an issue.  Even with the grip my palm will barely touch the pad, on occasion, which puts a menu on the LCD or EVF.  When I raise the camera to my eye to look through the EVF I see a menu that I quickly have to get rid of hoping my shot is still there.  I am sure something can be done about this as I know I am not the first one to bring it up.

There are many things I really enjoy using in my life.  My iPad is one of them along with my iPhone and MacBook pro.  They are great inventions but because humans are involved they are not perfect.  The same goes for the X Vario.  A great camera but improvements can be made, hopefully.

I will have more to say in the future.  Stay tuned!

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