Six Weeks Later

I wanted to post a quick update as some may be wondering if the way I feel about the X Vario has changed now that I have owned it for six weeks.

Definitely not. I don’t want to go over what I wrote in my initial review but I feel the same. It is a great camera that produces outstanding files. It isn’t perfect but no camera is.

I would suggest, as I did in the review, that a few accessories really make using the Leica X Vario more pleasurable. They are:

The Olympus Electronic Viewfinder (VF-2)
The Leica handgrip
The Leica lens hood

The reason I recommend the Olympus EVF is that it is about half the price of the Leica model. Otherwise buy Leica. The handgrip and hood fit perfectly and do their job because they are designed by Leica for their camera. Don’t buy a cheap grip or hood. If you are going to shoot with Leica cameras you might as well accept the fact that it is going to cost money. It is money well spent but money nonetheless.

Soon, I will be posting what I would like to see Leica change when they come out with the next X Vario camera- maybe X Vario 2? Catchy isn’t it? šŸ™‚

Stay tuned!

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