The Leica X Vario 2

It is very possible that Leica will eventually come out with a followup to the X Vario camera just as they did to the X1.  There were definite improvements made with the X2 and I am hoping the same will be true with the followup to the X Vario.

Other than the obvious things I have addressed in previous posts I would really love to see Leica get rid of the pop up flash. I never use it as I prefer to use off camera flash using the Pocket Wizard Flex system.  Occasionally I will put a Nikon SB-700 on the hotshoe and use it on manual.  I have no need for a pop up flash but could sure use a built-in EVF!

I have seen pictures of the new Panansonic GX-7 and it has a really innovative EVF that is built into the body of the camera and sits to the left of the hot shoe.  It also has the ability to tilt up to 90 degrees.  I would love to see Leica add something like this to the “X Vario 2.”  It would truly be an upgrade and make it a much better camera.  I have the external Olympus VF-2, but frankly it is a hassle to constantly be taking it on and off.  More than once I have left my truck and walked away all the while forgetting to put it on.  Bummer!  It also sticks up and completely ruins the way the camera looks.  On the GX-7 the EVF is built-in and is truly part of the camera.  Wouldn’t it be great to have something similar on the next X Vario?

As long as I am dreaming could I also request a full frame sensor without the AA filter?  If Leica could do this as well as the other things I have suggested, in my two previous posts, this would be a great camera!  I would also like to see the lens be a 24-120 2.8.  Hey, a person can dream can’t they?

Finally, can we have all of this for less than $3000?  Leica, if you can do this sign me up right now!  Thanks for listening.

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