Day 2 of the Leica Street Photography Weekend

In summary today included beautiful weather, a great group of photographers, two fantastic instructors (Tom and Matt) and a variety of locations.

We began the morning at the Eastern Market.  Then we travelled to the White House to take pics of the demonstration against involvement in Syria. A long walk followed to a cafe for lunch.  Following was a taxi ride to one of the doggie swims.  Then off we went to Dupont Circle and then a Metro ride back to the Leica store. Oh, and a break for food and beverage.  Included is one on one instruction along the way.

I went through two batteries for the X Vario, lots of fluid and had a blast!  Now comes the processing and editing of hundreds of images.  Fifty or so will be reviewed by Tom and Matt tomorrow.  Each photographer will have 6-10 images for the end of day slide show. Can’t wait.

I know some of you are wondering how the X Vario performed.  It worked really well. The files are better than I expected.  I will be posting some of them in the future.

More tomorrow after what I hope is a good night’s sleep.